Purpose Parties

PURPOSE PARTIES in Central Wisconsin
Vision board workshops, mixed media art projects, writers groups and more! I invite you to join in the fun!

Whether you are artsy or not, vision boards are for you!
Are you intentional about your future? Do you make time to quiet your soul long enough to listen for direction? How are you doing with “self care”? Ready for some FUN?
You can create a collage Vision Board full of images & words that capture dreams and inspire action – for health, business, relationships, finances or personal goals! Begin with self-reflection exercises to help you identify your values, goals and dreams. Then, enjoy some “chill time” as you construct a motivational vision board. Finish with an artist’s canvas, beautiful enough to proudly display, for continued inspiration and motivation.
Ready to act on your dreams? I encourage you to join us!

Do you want to be more creative?  Looking for a fun time out with the ladies? Want to go home with something beautiful that you can say, “I made this!” (but not have to worry about getting the supplies together or figuring out the details to make it come together?)
Please join me for an upcoming art workshop. Work on fun projects that use mixed media art techniques, painting and more!
Check the link below to find out what kinds of projects we have coming up, next.

Do you want to be a writer? Are you a seasoned writer looking for community? Are you looking for some accountability to help you make the time to do what you love? Would you be interested in sharing your writing with others? Are you ready to give/receive constructive feedback (with easy to follow guidelines for all)? Sometimes it helps to have a “due date” for the things we WANT to do but just don’t always prioritize.
If you have a passion for words or you have “a message that just needs to get out”, please consider joining me in a writers workshop or group. (General Audience to PG13 content, only, please.)
Let’s go after writing dreams, together!

Register for upcoming Purpose Parties through Event Brite:

I look forward to meeting you!

Changing our stories to change theirs,